Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Colder weather is coming!

With winter months here and my children everywhere, I wanted the warmth of a scarf without the hassle. I love scarves but my children would rather pull on the them and tighten them around my neck. I needed something to keep my neck warm without being to tight ( I cannot wear turtle necks without feeling as though I am being strangled).

This is now available in my shop. And of course while I was out on my twice a week shopping trip today I happen to find some more yarn that needed a good home. LOL
These may make it as neck cowls as well. Definatly the cashmere will. Keep an eye out, those cowls are next and they will be $40 each.


Ramona-quilter said...

I adore the scarf neck warmer. I could not find it on your Etsy store. Is it just an experiment or do you plan to sell them?

Rachel said...

This one actually sold today! I have some others that I am looking to make. I love them! The one pictured above sold for $30. I have the yarn colors pictured above I am planning to make into some as well as some cashmere. If you really want one that color then I can pick up the yarn. I have lots of yarn to make these out of. What can I say I am an addict. If there is a certain color you would like you can always let me know.
Thank you for the compliment on the neck warmer. I appreciate words such as adore. :)