Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas hints

So today I shamelessly sent my husband an email with items I would like for Christmas, the links to the items and the information he would need to check out! I know shameless. What can I say...

The first item is this gorgeous rustic, you know you will feel good just holding it, mug!

You can find all of their great items on Etsy at KC Pottery . Honestly I think I could just decorate my house with what they have to offer. Here is hoping.

And now next on my list is jewelry. What girl does not love jewelry and if you are like me and like something that looks vintage and timeless you will not find a better place to look then Etsy.

I love traditional, classic, simple yet completely feminine items. So it is no wonder that I had a hard time deciding which ones exactly I liked from The Vintage Diva's shop. It was however the white roses that won me out. I can wear those during winter and summer and with anything and they are so so gorgeous! Once again keeping my fingers crossed that hubby will get them for me!

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