Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cream and Brown crochet baby lovie! New today

I just added this in my shop today! It is a popular design and between my two shops I had customized 3 of these. Two of them were to match a blanket I had made for a little boy using the same pattern. It now happily lives in Texas with a little boy who I am told adores it. That there is better then any feedback I could hope to have in my shop!

My littest one is my model today. She completely took to her role as well. We had so much fun and then as reward for all her 'hard' work, we had a grand time playing at the park. Dos Picos park is here in Ramona, CA and it is the best one, my favorite anyway. Ducks to feed, updated play equipment, fishing, hiking, etc. As an added bonus the sprinklers turned on while we were there! Go for it kids! They all had a blast and so did I.

What a blessing to be able to stay home with them. The sacrafices we make out weigh any material object that more money could buy us in leaps and bounds!

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