Monday, March 9, 2009

Home-school Mondays

With this pregnancy, more and more I am learning to slow it down. So what does that have to do with home-schooling? Everything.

More often then not our studies can get rushed and that really benefits no one. Not my patience, not her patience, not the attention that my other two girls need, and certainly not her retaining what she is learning. Life when she leaves me will be fast paced enough. This pregnancy has hit me with morning sickness as it is well known if you have read my blog before. But I am grateful for it. Yes, you read that right, grateful. It is making me slow down and since I have things have gotten much easier. Easier to clean the house, home-school two kids, run my business and visit the family I should be visiting more often while I can.

So that is my home-school tip for the day: Remember to slow down and smell the play-doh.


Chrissy said...

I love your little saying, Slow down and smell the play-doh. I don't know if it's normal, but I love the smell of play-doh. Such a cute saying. I love it. I hope it's not trademarked!

I just wanted to leave a comment about a book I read that might be fun to read with your kids you home school. My sister home-schools her children and for a gift to them all, I bought them a book called, "The Moose with Loose Poops", by Charlotte Cowan. I found her website and realized she wrote a lot more books then this, so I'm thinking of getting my sister and the kids the whole set.
Well, I hope you're feeling better and the morning sickness hopefully will pass!

Rachel said...

Thank you Chrissy and no, it is not trademarked. LOL

We will definatly be checking this book out and possibly the others she has written.

diane said...

"Remember to slow down and smell the play-doh"

Great tip! Yes this is something we all need to do sometimes. Sorry to hear about the morning sickness. I was lucky when I was pregnant and never had any morning sickness. Hopefully this stage will pass soon enough.

Chrissy said...

Let me know how you like them!! I'm sure they're great just would like to hear another persons opinion.

I'm also pleased to hear your saying is not tradmarked LOL!