Sunday, September 21, 2008

Up coming items!

Here is some insider information for those of you who follow my blog.....

Monday I will be adding a tote bags set. "Mommy and Me" Halloween tote bags. This is the first of 4 that I plan to do. Both bags are structured. Mommies bag is larger following the dimensions of my other tote bags and will have 3 pockets inside. Child's bag is also structured with two straps for handles made wide for comfort. This second bags girth is made an inch larger than moms. It also has a pocket but it is on the outside. Great for a cell phone, pens, crayons......their imagination is the limit. They can use the bag for school, toys in the car, all while being festive during the season and then use it for trick or treating! What a kick they will get out of having a bag just like moms!

Have you seen my new Spa Facial Scrubby? If you haven't then you better get over there! This week, homeschool allowing, I will be adding some white ones! Safe to bleach of you need to. Don't get me wrong, I love color but sometimes you want everything in your bathroom to coordinate and nothing does that better than white. I will also be adding listings for more than one scrubby so be on the look out. You can always convo me though. :)

And last I am working on cloth napkins that add the coming home feeling back into your kitchen! Made of some glorious prints and very nice absorbent cotton. I may even make some wipe clean coasters to match!

As you can see this weekend has been an inspiring one full of ideas. Happy shopping!

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