Saturday, September 13, 2008

What's New?

With my sister getting ready to have her second child, I am feeling some inspiration for baby blankets. Crochet ones that is. My description for my latest baby blanket sums up how I feel about them.

Imagine giving a gift that will be welcomed by both mother and child. An heirloom piece for the child to carry with them to share with their children. That's what giving a handmade baby blanket does.

My children have theirs and I have mine still.

I have made this blanket with both the mother and child in mind. Soft and cuddly that will only get softer with washes, and easy to care for with a manageable size to be able to take everywhere for mom. This precious blanket is the perfect size for the car seat, stroller (either on the babies lap or over the stroller as a cover), a quick trip to Nana's or to always have in the diaper bag. This blanket is sure to be the most prized gift!

And it is true! My children still have the baby blankets that were made for them. Notice I said blankets. Each of them has at least 3 and even though my eldest is now 8, she still very much loves her blankets. Long have they forgotten about the ones with the shiny satin site and pretty bunny embroidered on it. Their crochet blankets are the ones that they still use. Long car rides, blankets for their dolls, trips to the doctor or sleep overs have all been seen to with their blankets.

I truly believe there is something magical in crochet baby blankets. Especially when they are no longer babies and they still reach for them.
My head is exploding with ideas for blankets now. The one above is the ever classic and traditional pink. The one I am working on now is brown and pink. Using two strands of yarn makes me want to squeeze this blanket every time I touch it. It will be super warm for the winter months ahead as well and chic with those color choices. I think the border will be pink and I may add a pink flower on the cover of it. Maybe a hat to match! Those cute ear flap ones. Oh I love those! LOL, see I am getting ahead of myself now. It is any wonder I get anything done at all.
Happy crafting!

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