Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tools to make Etsy selling easier

Some days it is harder to get the photos and the listings done. Not to mention the tags. And how to you know that your tags are staying up to date with what is currently on Etsy? In walks the tag finder tool from Enter one or more tags and craftweasel will actually search Etsy for items with those same tags. Not only that, it will then nake graphs and suggest related tags that might be suitable for your items. Is that not total awesomeness! Go and check it out and see how you like it.c


Purplebears said...

Thank you! What fun - it feels empowering to have new information to make marketing decisions. I also loved the other tool they have for sellers just on your shop.

craftweasel said...

Thanks for trying out craftweasel, glad you like it! I have another tool coming up that I will hopefully launch in the next few days - keep an eye on the craftweasel blog