Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Buisness cards......Check!

Oh yes. After months of saying, " Today, I will get those buisness cards done." they are finally done. However I refuse to disclose just howmany months it took. That's my secret.I am so proud I got them done that I took pictures. Yes! I am lame, I mean cool enough and now with homeschool done for the year officially to have the time to take pictures. So here you are.......

I would love to say that I got it right the first time but it is more like the second. Oh well, I crochet, not make buisness cards.

I am doing good this morning. Out of 11 things on my to do list (you know you have one to) I only have 3 left.

1.Crochet 3 more white dish/wash cloths for etst to make a set of 4
2.Take pictures off all the others that I crocheted this weekend (2 hot pink, 1 white, 2 natural)3.Put 1 basket of laundry away

The last one will most likly not get done. I have no problem washing the laundry, after all, it stinks. But to put it away......I homeschool so there are days when wrinkled cloths are ok. :)

What else to I have to do? I am making a market bag out of all 100% cotton yarn. I made myself one already and I love it. The holes are not so big that my cell will fall out or pens and I can use it for the park (sand shakes out), I have used it to replace what would normally fit into 3 plastic grocery bags (yeah!). I love it because when I go to check out the bag girl looked at me, smiled, and under her breath asked the checker lady, "What am I suppose to do with this?", truly puzzled. I smiled and said, "Fill her up as much as she will hold".

Oh horror. My daughter just now is talking about when she buys a horse!!! I need to go and find some other educational channel other then animal planet. We have a zoo as it is, but that is another post entirely. ;)

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