Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Staying on track......

This is something that I will admit I am pretty horrible at. Hence all the lists. On my list still, to crochet those 3 white cloths and photo them! See, horrible. Good thing God and can forgive (and that no one had ordered them).

So what did I find so much more intersting then cloths?

I love a challenge and if I can learn something new, even better. I have come to really appreciate the internet. For example, these last two days I learned how to make a crochet and fabric dress. Something I have never done before. I do not have a serger so I learned how to finish a raw edge (I don't have pinking (sp?) shears either) with a special stitch on my machine. Then I also learned how to make ruffles with machine basting stitches......too technical? I have now decided that while I can live without the serger, I really really want a ruffler foot for my machine. Yeah internet.

Here is the finished product. It turned out so good and since I also was able to figure out how to machine sew the crochet bodice to the woven fabric skirt, it will stand the test of my friend's daughter. Here is a picture of my daughter wearing it. Yes it was in the morning and finishing the dress was more important than brushing hair this morning. At least I was able to put aside my artistic tendecies to make them breakfast. :)

And if all that wasn't enough to be proud of myself hubby was impressed! I heard a WOW hun, that looks really good. Then he had to touch it so I know he liked it. Score one for the girls back home! (my 8 year old latest phrase)

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Jo said...

Ahhh - she looks really cute! And the dress is very pretty too!