Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Policies and Wisdom

So I am trying to be witty but when kids are being whinny, it can be difficult. I decided to write my store policies for my etsy shop (thought I had already but apparently that was in the same dream that I had also gotton all the laundry done, sigh) with some humor. Here is my attempt.

Welcome to my refuge of peace! I am a SAHM/WAHM that homeschools....need I say more on the refuge of peace? I love to create and find that it keeps me sane on those days I need it most. I much prefer crochet to banging my head in the wall and my kids don't look at me as strangly.

I accept the following forms of payment and prefer that payment be made or mailed within 3 days. Failure to do so will result in my re-listing the item for someone else to have it (unless you communicate with me first)

*Money OrderShippingAll items are sent via First Class Mail with delivery confirmation. They are carefully packaged in a plastic bag with a thank you note and a free gift if I have them available. I then package them in an envelope to accomedate their size.

I am not responsible for items that are damaged or lost in the postal service system. Once it leaves my hands it is out of my control. If you would like to purchase insurance for you package then please let me know and I will send you a revised invoice to reflect that.

Refunds and Exchanges
At this time I am hesitant to offer refunds but if you open the package and do not like it after all please convo me immediatly (within 3 days) and mail it back. Once I have recieved it and made sure it is still in prestine condition I will refund you the cost of the item.

Additional Policies and FAQs
I am open to trades. Have never done them but don't see a harm in them. I have something you like you have something I like, lets talk!

I try to add new things once a week however it can be difficult with homeschooling and three kids so I add them as often as I am able. If you are looking for something and I do not currently have it in my shop, convo me. I will drop everything, lock myself in my room leaving the husband to fend for himself and make it for you! Truly, I will. :)**I especially enjoy the part of leaving the hubby to defend for himself. ;)

Now for the wisdom part of todays blog posting!
Drum roll please...............
Wisdom teeth are so aptly named because you realize after the dentist has PRIED them OUT of your mouth that it would have been WISER to just leave them.Had all my wisdom teeth pulled, I cried, I shook and after it all, I went and drove myself to the pharmacy to get the pain meds because it if hurt that bad still with the novicane then it was really going to hurt later on!

Now to let you know just how dedicated of an educator I am, when the dental assistant asked if I wanted my teeth (they do that for adults?) I said yes thinking that I could turn this into a really good lesson on oral health and the kids could look at them (mind you I have all girls) and we could look them up on the web. And we did.

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