Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just a little update.....on hubby and the shop

Well DH is going to go to the Dr's today. I am afraid that his incisions are becoming infected. On the plus side he has been going without pain meds so far today......still waiting to see how his mood is and if that is such a good idea. This afternoon we will see what the Dr has to say although I have been keeing antibiotic ointment on it and it covered and clean and dry. I know the lord will watch over him and his healing.
And now for a shop update! :) I was so motivated yesterday that I made another apron! WhooHoo. I have not made a new one in some time, possibly months since I have been crocheting and making Tote Bags and Hobo Bags ( I stil have an orange one I need to finish the handles, it's been that was for at lease a month ) instead. But I really like this one. There had been some discussion on another forum regarding Halloween celebration and being a Christian. Being a mom I tend to enjoy the more kid friendly fabrics to begin with and while if I made one with roses and skulls it would probably sell but it would make my skin crawl! The need for money is not so great as to just create what I know will sell. Folks will either like it or they will move on to another store and that is okay by me. :)
Ok so anyway.....the apron I made yesterday was a cute little pumpkin patch one or jack-o-laterns. Either way there were two fabrics the kid helped me to chose at the store, this was one and the other is bright orange will friendly spiders on it. I know, sounds kinda creepy crawly, but there are in good taste.

I have also started to add Themed Key Fobs to my shop. I like them! They are fast, fun, and fairly easy to do. Plus with the economy the way it is, I want to be able to offer something under $5 that is well made and cute! I was lucky to establish good suppliers and coupons to stock up on material.

This one makes me think of my father in law. Hope you have a blessed and productive day, whethere it be in work or quality time with your family.

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