Saturday, August 2, 2008

Praise god for the safe surgery and a sale in my etsy store.....

This last friday (Aug1), my husband went in for an outpatient surgery to repair an umbilical hernia. The word 'outpatient' makes you think that there should be no worries but when you are there witing and waiting and the surgery goes on for 2 hours rather than 1 like the doctor said, makes it scary. But praise god that everything went well and he is recovering well. Thru it all the kids were great. We did not hide what was happening to them in case something did happen and Richard was called to be with our maker. I am so proud of them. They are such awsome children of god.

Understandably, I have not been making new things terribly quickly for my etsy shop. The easy part is to find the is much harder to relax at home enough to work when worring about whether or not my husband has a life and death hernia or not. The doctors could not be sure until they operated but his weight was a factor in it. I am thankful this is behind us now. :)
So now I am having a huge sale...... I have just finished the Christmas in July sale but would like to move the current inventory of aprons that I have. All prices have been discounted already. There are also two bags currently on sale.

Something new..... I have started to make themed Key Fobs! They were a great distraction while waiting for my husbands surgery and they are fast to make and so can be offered at a great price! I love that. I love finding deals and I really enjoy being able to have them for people. They are under $5, perfect! Check them out. I have lots more ideas for themes on them and I am hopeing to have them out soon.

Now it is 9pm and time to see how my husband is doing and check if he wants pain medicine again. Thank you Jesus for the many many blessings you bestowed upon my family and myself this past week especially.

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