Thursday, August 28, 2008

Do as I say AND as I do

How many of us can truly say that this is what we want our kids to do? We all sin and all do things that we would be disappointed if our kids did. When we do, it is important to ask for forgiveness in front of our kids and from our kids.

We make choices everyday for our children because we want the best for them. Often times this can be a dictatorship. While I believe that kiddos need to be shown respect and feel as though they have a say in decisions, I also know the importance of "Because I said so, that's why".

Never has this been more true then with my 8 year old. There are times when I am exacerbated and just cannot fight anymore. My brain hurts and I want to go and hide. These are the times when I realize I need to lead more by example then by words. It is the times when she has already tuned out anything that I am saying, that I need to show her by my actions. By my patience, by my keeping my temper and by me giving myself a time out if it is needed. I grew up with my mother telling me she was perfect. I truly believed this even though I saw things that were wrong. My daughters need to know that even grown-ups mess up. Otherwise they may believe that when they are grown-up everything will be perfect. We all know that it is far from that.

"If you want to change the way someone treats you, change the way you treat them".

It may take longer, but everybody needs love and I believe this is a great way to show love to someone. This is a lesson I want instilled in my daughters.

When Shiloh tells me about someone making fun of her or of someone else, I try to get her to look at it from a Godly point of view. If Jesus was here looking at that little boy hitting everyone,
what would he do? Make him his friend and love him. It is a hard cookie to swallow sometimes. Kids can be mean. Hopefully I am doing justice by my kids teaching them this.

I also need to remember this lesson and teach it to myself ,and that, may be the most difficult thing in all this.

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