Thursday, January 22, 2009

New in shop

I actually have two things that are new in shop this week. The first is an ecru colored washcloth / dishcloth set in a pretty shell pattern. There are three in this set. Several factors insipred this set. I love the color ecru. It goes with every kitchen or bath decor I have ever had. Secondly these are so much thicker then the ones that I can buy at Walmart. I like the deals I can find there but for as long as those things last (not long around here) I would like to have some crochet cotton ones. The longest I have had one last me, and I used it in the kitchen on dishes, stoves and oven cleaning mind you, was 5 years. Last is the design. I was crocheting a cardigan for one of my daughters and it used the shell pattern. I loved how delicate it looked whole still being close enough together for warmth that I decided to try it as a washcloth pattern. After some tweaking of it, I love how it turned out.

The second thing that is new (today) in my shop is some glittery star earrings with gold glitter. Naturally with three girls it was a matter of time before something with glitter made it to my shop. These earrings were completely insipred by my two eldest daughters, youngest still likes anything. The smiles on their faces were so big and bright. Made my heart swell up and my eyes water to see how thrilled they were. I know, sappy mom here but hey, my blog, my sappy moments. LOL

Well that is it for what is new now. I am working one a rose patine colored yarn for a Spa Facial scrubby and Pretty Shells Washcloth (1). I will be selling these as a set as well.


Estela said...

I love the color of the washcloths! and the earrings are fun!

Laurie said...

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