Friday, August 28, 2009

Better than a new pair of shoes....almost

For ten years now I have admired these mixers. While I did not get one as a wedding gift (because my parents had given us some beautiful china my dad had aquired while he was still in the war) I have always wanted one. But the cost. Well while at wally mart to replace the badly depilitated computer we have that is ready to keel over and die, hubby went down this aisle. And I am so glad he did! We got her (yes, her) yesterday, he unpacked her for me last night, and this morning she had her first maiden voyage. Yes, I am a dork. I'm okay with this. Hubby's only request is that I make him some brownies. Done. Now I am going to get down and make some bread. Oh yum, smelling the brownies and homemade bread in the same day. I'll blame it on pregnancy cravings.


Laurie said...

Oh, I'm with you -- I've always, always wanted one of these! I'm still waiting for mine. Have fun!

PhD Mom said...

Oh, I waited so long to get my lovely red kitchenaid but I'm glad that I finally bought one. Have fun with yours!

Tanya said...

I loved my KitchenAid. It lasted 8 years......I used it so much. Enjoy yours!